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(First published as ‘OMA Bulletin’ in January 1947 by OMA, the forerunner of IAM estd 1915)
UK’s oldest management chronicler reports Industry 4.0


One year into the First World War, the IAM began life as the Office Machinery Users’ Association (OMUA), formed by Lawrence R Dicksee to address the effectiveness of office and administrative work, particularly with the emergence of office machinery replacing paper based administration methods in wartime.

Competing organisation the British Works Management Association (BWMA) was founded, but by 1936 the OMUA and the BWMA merged to become the Office Management Association (OMA).

When the OMA, in conjunction with the LSE, published the First Clerical Salaries analysis it perhaps germinates the idea to have a publication of its own.

The idea consolidated to have a dedicated publication as OMA published Payroll Methods and PAYE Tax Deduction (then a brand new tax system) and Stock Control and Store Keeping

The forerunner of The Manager, ‘’OMA Bulletin’’ was published.

Around this time companies such as Unilever Group, ICI, Philips Electrical, Shell-Mex, BP and J Lyons & Co provided essential knowledge and knowhow to OMA publication on business efficiency, mechanisation and improvement. The Association also helped to organise valuable conferences and papers on office mechanisation.

The OMA changed its name to the Institute of Office Management (IOM). Membership grew from 1,000 in 1954 to 2,000 in 1959 with a further increase to 4,000 by 1965

The IOM became the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM)

In 1983 the Office of the Year Award was presented by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent and event reported in OMA publication.

The ’OMA Bulletin’’ was remodeled as ‘’The Manager’’, the British Journal of Administrative Management

The IAM is purchased by awarding organisation Industry Qualifications and ‘’The Manager’’ was recast in the format of a magazine.


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