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We will accept students from different equivalent centres. However, their pre-qualification and credit / unit exception will be facilitated upon producing the previous centre completion evidence which includes transcript, subject list they covered in previous centre etc. However, we are not much entertaining this exercise as we need to ensure the quality is up to the mark than getting numbers.

The starting point for any learner wishing to claim for RPL is to reflect on their experience in order to identify relevant achievement. They should think about evidence of knowledge and experience gained:

  • ·         At work
  • ·         In any relevant voluntary work and leisure activities
  • ·         In formal or informal education and training – for example, adult education courses or in-company training
  • ·         From independent study
  • ·         From home-based activities, such as care of the young, the elderly or the sick, or involvement in the family business. RPL learners will need to understand the relevant assessment requirements associated with the units they are claiming. Then they will be able to work towards assembling evidence to support these claims.

Providing evidence of achievement, the portfolio Learners will need to provide evidence to show that they have covered the requirements of the units or modules. This will take the form of a portfolio, prepared by the learner, which sets out the program assessment requirements claimed, together with any supporting evidence.  Professional discussions or oral assessment can be used to contribute towards portfolio evidence. They must be documented and can be supported by audio/video recordings.

In considering the evidence, the assessor needs to ask if it is valid, authentic, current, relevant and sufficient.If the assessor judges that the evidence submitted is not sufficient to meet the requirements of the unit or module, it will be necessary to seek additional evidence. This may be done by the learner:

  • Undergoing an oral assessment
  • Completing an appropriate assignment
  • Completing a written test
  • Carrying out a demonstration
  • A combination of the above