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Cromwell UK International Education offers Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management in partnership with Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) accredited by EduQua. Marketing is the lifeblood of all businesses. This Master’s course in Marketing Management prepares participants in the way marketing is used in the global age. CROMWELL professors have the depth and breadth of knowledge to allow participants to develop their knowledge with professional insights from the highest level. Our programme is accredited by EduQua. So our MBA would be globally recognized. Swiss accredited programs are some of the most well regarded in the world.

A Bachelor degree in management (or associated discipline) with a minimum of two years professional work experience OR

A Bachelor’s degree in a field other than management (or related discipline) but with a minimum of 2 years professional work experience. If you don’t have the above requirements but have equivalent skills and sufficient experience, it may be considered but subject to the review committee decision and interview process

The whole programme will be completed in 10 to 12 months

This Master program awards 90 ETCS under the Bologna process which allows you to take your studies further and follow it up with doctorates etc

The whole program will be completed in 10-12 months. The learner will be enrolled to British OfQual regulated Level-7 Diploma and will be Top-up to Swiss MBA accredited by EduQua.

This qualification has a mix of assignments, coursework and research parts. Learners will be assessed based on the learning outcome in each given scenario.

Learners are assessed through assignments per module. The learner has to write a word essay addressing all the learning outcome of each module.

This is a detailed essay which includes an action plans and recommendations of how a specific problem will be resolved. This will assess learner’s research skill and ability to address real life scenarios based on earlier research and analysis

With this MBA degree , we can assure you that this will pave the way for a huge shift in your role in the corporate world. So, a more mature way of evaluating your value to the company would be completing the MBA program and rewarding your company with your enhanced knowledge and perspective. In addition, many of the assessments within the programme will require students to relate concepts or ideas to organizational settings. In addition, on completion of the award, students may be able to apply for Doctorate level programs.


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