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International Conference

International Conference on Business, Education, Engineering and Science

Cromwell CEO Nisar Muhammed with the Abstract Award Winner, IASPER Chairman and Dr. Rommel

Cromwell UK co-hosted International Conference on Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences (ICBEES 26) in November 25-28, 2016 at Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeriah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the participations from different colleges and universities in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia and attended by academicians and professionals across 15 countries from Asia, Europe, America and Africa. 
The conference was held The International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors and Reviewers (IASPER)  under the theme “Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences Research addressing Challenges, Integrating Disciplines and Strengthening Collaborations.

IASPER is truly committed with its mission in advancing the professional expertise of scholars, reviewers, editors and publishers and in promoting advancement and development of scholarly publications of research outputs from various fields across the globe.