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The Institute of Public Accountants is one of the three legally recognized professional bodies for accountants in Australia. The IPA represents more than 40,000 members and students working in industry, commerce, government, academia and professional practice.

The IPA is recognised in Commonwealth and State law in Australia and our members are recognised by the Australian Government as Qualified Accountants, and have equal standing under Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) rulings.

A qualified accountant is defined in s88B of the Corporations Act as a person meeting the criteria in a class declaration made by ASIC. Under the class order [CO 01/1256], you are a qualified accountant if you:

  • belong to one of the following professional bodies at the declared membership classification, and
  • you comply with your body’s continuing professional education requirements.

The IPA Program is open to all qualifying members. As a general rule, eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis, noting that University policies in relation to English language proficiency and RPL will always apply. Admission into the program is based on:

(1) bachelor’s degree or higher, or
(2) two years relevant professional work experience or
(3) evidence of equivalent academic capability (to be determined by the University).

2021 – Trimester 3

Start Date: Monday 8 November 2021

End Date: Friday 4 February 2022

Exam Period: Thursday 10 February 2022 – Friday 18 February 2022

Applications close: Sunday 24 October 2021

The IPA Program comprises two distinct but related awards: the Graduate Certificate of Public Accounting (GCPA) and the Deakin University Master of Business Administration (MBA). Depending upon underlying qualifications and designation, members will need to complete the GCPA component before they are eligible to begin the Deakin MBA. Depending upon circumstances, many Member (MIPA) and Fellow (FlPA) members of the IPA can enrol into the Deakin MBA directly. Please refer to Eligibility page for further details, or contact our Pathways Team.

Each unit of the IPA Program allows members to claim 40 CPD hours.


The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), and Deakin University have developed a new suite of specialisations or pathways which allow members to select a program of study, depending on backgrounds (experience and academic achievements), and aspiration.

To this end, the IPA and Deakin have developed a number of streams for the Graduate Certificate of Public Accounting (“GCPA”).

The GCPA is a for-award program. A number of the specialisations will assist members wishing to meet additional requirements of selected statutory registrations. For members seeking to satisfy the educational requirements of statutory registrations; such as those issued by the TPB and FASEA.

On completion of the GCPA, IPA members will be eligible to transition into the Deakin (IPA) MBA; a contemporary strategic management-focussed program tailored for IPA members.


If you are a MIPA or Fellow of the IPA (FIPA), you may be eligible to join the MBA component of the IPA Program directly. Whilst many standard MBA Programs consist of up to 12 units of study, Deakin has approved IPA members to qualify for up to 50% Recognition of Prior Learning – reducing the number of units to six – saving you significant time and money, as well as recognising your experience and contribution to the profession.

The MBA units are highly strategic in nature, and are geared towards enhancing the way you communicate with your audience with clear, consistent and effective forms of strategic advice.

IPA’s commitment to members includes the delivery of quality continual professional development and education pathways, ensuring they maintain currency of knowledge and relevance in an ever-changing and competitive market.

This is supported by a range of communications including technical newsletters and updates; major conferences and networking opportunities; and, an award winning online technical support platform.

Advocating on behalf of members is an ongoing activity for the IPA and we have a seat at more than 120 forums with key political, regulatory and industry stakeholders across Australia and overseas. This work is reinforced with a multitude of formal submissions to key influencers and an active media program.

The IPA also delivers many products and services to benefit members and their businesses through an array of strategic commercial partnerships.


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