B-Schools’ Role in Building an Empire

If you’re thinking, ‘What are B-Schools?’ B-Schools are short for Business Schools and institutions that specifically concentrate on business courses, such as Cromwell itself. Universities that specify a concentrated subject are in a better, more specialized position to offer the highest standard of education. Rather than the university’s focus being concentrated on a range of different areas of concentration, they specialize in one particular. In this process, the institutions place their complete and undivided attention towards anticipating student needs and addressing them directly. 

In the classes of business, schools lie some of the brightest business minds of tomorrow: future Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, entrepreneurs, managers, risk-takers, and innovators. Students interact with like-minded peers who share a common interest and thus can make better connections and these networks are mutually beneficial to them as they graduate and rely upon one another for job openings, recommendations, and overall companionship. Moreover, at specialized business program universities like Cromwell, students are exposed to an alumni database of businesswomen and businessmen who have gone on to take their learning at Cromwell and succeed in their professional and personal life. 

All these factors mentioned above: specialized environment, expert teachers, like-minded peers and alumni, and great networking opportunities are all ingredients to the perfect dish: an Empire. 

This empire consists of graduates from business schools across the world and as the next set of students obtain their degrees and graduate, they are all attractive prospects for companies that want to employ the best, most talented, and well trained young professionals to contribute their knowledge and skills to the company allowing the company to therefore be the best and largest in the empire. Business schools are a great option for you to secure increased career mobility. The statistics support the fact that going to business school can have a significant impact on your earning potential and salary gains are amplified if you do iMBA (which Cromwell also provides!) 

You may now be wondering? How do I be part of this empire? It’s simple! Enroll at Cromwell UK today. At Cromwell UK, you will be alongside the brightest and most talented. Along with your expert teachers who are highly trained and experienced in their field, you will receive the best learning, inside and outside of the classroom. A well-established education provider, Cromwell UK International Education offers a wide range of educational programs in collaboration with leading universities in the United Kingdom. Cromwell UK International aims to render the latest knowledge with best practices to mold students to take on the industrial and social challenges of the future, head-on.

Heading to your future with UK Qualifications

UK Qualifications are globally considered to be the best in the world. Many countries across the world follow the UK education system for its reputation, high standards and benchmarks. Cromwell UK offers you top quality UK Qualifications. There is something for everyone whether you wish to continue schooling, undergraduate/bachelors or even masters. Cromwell UK offers the International MBA, ACCA, BSC (Hons) Accounting and Finance, BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-up), BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management, BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business, and Level 3 Foundation Diploma. 

You may be wondering, how is a UK qualification going to benefit my future compared to qualifications from my home country? Let us tell you 4 key reasons why. 

1- A Well Rounded Education with Emphasis on Skills Development A UK Qualification is the perfect combination of content knowledge, skills development, application to real life, critical thinking and problem solving. The qualifications are designed to make you think, evaluate, communicate and collaborate- the 21st century skills we all need to excel in the future. Many other curriculums such as those from South Asia are only knowledge based and your performance and success in those are determined by your level of mugging up. Mugging up textbooks and lecture notes will not be useful at all at the workplace. Instead, the transferable skills you develop during the course of the UK qualifications will make you an attractive candidate. 

2- Career Prospects 

Majority of employers prefer job candidates with UK Qualification degrees over candidates with other degrees. This is due to the fact that UK Qualifications prepare you for what employers are looking for: well rounded candidates with problem solving and interpersonal skills. As a student, you get the opportunity to develop your skills, high capacity thinking, knowledge, connections and networking opportunities to drive forward in your career. Depending on the course you pursue your degree at Cromwell UK, the career opportunities open up: 

International MBA- The next step in your career, iMBA allows you to pave your way to senior management positions. Recognized as a career development programme that builds on previous learning and experience, employers are eager to hire iMBA graduates to spearhead and lead their companies. 

ACCA- In the presence of our highly trained and qualified teaching staff as well as the high standard amenities provided by Cromwell UK, students with the ACCA qualifications can excel at the Accounting, Business, Finance and Management field and go on to get high paying jobs as accountnats, financial analysts, etc 

Bsc (Hons) Accounting and Finance- will equip students to work as finance professionals and specialize in corporate finanne, equity analysis, derivatives trading of foreign exchange trading.

BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-up)- will help develop young professionals with the knowledge and skills required to be a successful manager in the business industry, managing in an ever increasing international world. 

BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management- In partnership with Buckinghamshire New University UK, the BTEC Higher Nationals in Hospitality Management develops professional, self-reflecting to meet demands of employers in the hospitality and tourism industry. 

BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business and BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma 74% of employers want new hires with practical knowledge and skills combined and BTEC provides just that. It is no surprise that over 90% of employers hire BTEC graduates for their transferable skills, vocational knowledge and adaptability to work environments. 

3- Educational Prospects 

Education never stops. If you want to pursue the next level of education after your degree, all courses at Cromwell UK let you seamlessly move on to the next level. After your Level 3 BTEC Foundation Course, you can pursue your Bachelors Degree. After your Bachelors Degree (BSc or BA) you can pursue your masters or iMBA and after your MBA, you can even pursue a PHD and even move on to become a professor! 

The opportunities at Cromwell UK are endless because we provide a high quality, world class, top ranked UK Qualifications with over 5 campuses in 5 countries. Your growth is endless and so are your future prospects. Nothing is holding you back, enroll today and secure your future!

Foundation Program: Finishing Grade 11 & 13 / Year 12 & 13 in less than a year

If you’re a passionate, ambitious student looking for a course to accelerate your academic journey and if you want to propel yourself into the next level of your education, a foundation program is perfect for you. A foundation program is a program that will adequately prepare you for an undergraduate degree at university. It progresses your academic attainment and skills, consequently preparing you to pursue rigorous and useful degrees at university. A foundation program clubs together your final two years of high school and accomplishes that in ten months. If you choose the accelerated program at Cromwell, you can even complete it in five months. 

At Cromwell, we offer the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business. It is part of a larger suite of Business qualifications offered by Pearson. Pearson is an international awarding body that is the largest in the UK and is regulated and recognized by Ofqual (England), Accreditation (Scotland), CCEA Accreditation (Northern Ireland), and Qualifications Wales (Wales) and internationally. 

Why BTEC Foundation Program? 

74% of employers want new hires with practical knowledge and skills combined, 90% of BTEC students are employed full-time after graduating and 23% of students who went to university in 2018 had a BTEC. These numbers cannot be argued with. BTEC is an effective path for a future career, so choose BTEC- because it works. 

What does Cromwell’s BTEC Level 3 Foundation Business Diploma Program consist of? 

In Semester 1, you will dive into the world of Business and the Business Environment, Management Accounting, and Innovation and Commercialization. In Semester 2, you will delve into Human Resource Management, Management Accounting, Innovation, and Commercialization. Taught by the world-class faculty at Cromwell UK, you will learn through applied learning, gaining vocational skills, knowledge, and understanding of the Business world- making you an attractive candidate for employment and prestigious universities. The qualification provides career development opportunities for those in work, for those who want to progress to higher education, or for those seeking professional development programs at credible and recognized institutions like Cromwell UK. 

If you’re wondering, “What is the Foundation program’s equivalency and what can I do after the Foundation program?” The foundation program at Cromwell UK is equivalent to 12th Grade or A Level Qualifications. After the successful completion of the foundation diploma, a student can enroll for Higher National Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree program. By studying BTEC, students learn to develop their knowledge and skills required by a sector, including essential employability skills, and apply them in real work contexts. 

In a nutshell, the foundation program prepares you with the needed skills and knowledge of the 21st century, is highly regarded by employers and universities worldwide, and is your pathway to future success.

Study in Europe; Spain

Every year, millions of students arrive in Europe to pursue their higher education. They are attracted to its world-class education, feasibility, research options, and much more. European degrees are well recognized internationally and prepare you for the world outside of university; equipping you with the skills you must acquire and utilize in work and elsewhere. 

A popular country for studying within Europe is Spain. Studying in Spain is an excellent opportunity to enhance your career and create a wonderful, rigorous, and rewarding study abroad experience. Its warm, sunny weather matched with its dynamic and multicultural atmosphere creates a perfect setting for students. Home to some of the top universities in Europe and the world, this blog post will provide 6 key reasons why you should study in Spain. 

1- World Class Education 

With world-renowned institutions in QS World Rankings like Universitat de Barcelona, IE University, Universitat Autónona de Barcelona, Spain boasts an impressive lineup of universities that you may wish to attend. There is a vast range of majors you can specialize in, some of the most popular being: arts and humanities subjects, finance, hospitality management, law, marketing, and science. The educational system is designed to provide students a well-organized and properly executed system with high-quality learning opportunities. Graduating from an institution in Spain increases your global awareness and understanding, prepares you in your field meticulously, and ensures a pathway to success. Research opportunities are plenty and well funded- allowing you to explore all possibilities within your desired major. 

2- Financially Reasonable 

Apart from its world-class education, impressive student life, and prospects for your future, a Spanish degree is also good for your wallet. Spanish universities are often more affordable than their European counterparts in other countries. Affordability can depend on the type of university you choose: public or private, city it’s located in, your nationality, major of choice, etc. You can choose to live in student accommodations and its rent tends to be cheaper. For international students, tuition fees can range from 1000 EUR – 3000 EUR in top-ranked, high-quality public universities and go up to 20000 EUR in private universities. In terms of living, food is cheap and shops are inexpensive. Public transport is efficient and you can explore everything the beautiful country has to offer no matter where you choose to base your studies. 

3- A range of options 

There are a huge number of universities located in Spain with great international rankings and reputations. While many universities have Spanish as the language of instruction, many more degree programs are offered in English. Some of the top universities include Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, University of Barcelona, IE University, etc. If you’re interested in getting an MBA or studying business, 3 of Europe’s 10 business schools are in Spain: IE Business School, Esade Business School, IESE Business School. If you’re interested in STEM-based subjects, universities like the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Seville, Polytechnic University of Madrid, etc. 

4- Location 

Amongst the most popular study destinations for international students, Spain ranks high up in student countries like the UK, USA, Canada, etc. It is a beautiful country with a beautifully rich history, wonderful food, climate, and culture. Whether you like the bustle of the city or the beaches and mountains- Spain has it all. Conveniently located near France and Portugal, it is a train ride away from accessing other cities from Paris to London. The climate is warm and sunny and its people are hospitable. Its membership in the European Union, safety, and high standard of living along with its rapid development has made it one of the most desirable countries to work and live in. 

4- Student Life 

If you’re looking for a country which is perfect for students- Spain is the way to go! Its international community has grown 27% since 2017 and its vibrant, diverse community allows students to find lifelong friends and colleagues. Students in Spain work hard and have plenty of time for fun whether it’s at restaurants, visiting landmarks, clubs, parties, or internships, students are sure to find a belonging and sense of community. 

5- Explore and Grow Yourself 

While you can choose to major in courses delivered in English, you’ll also be practicing your Spanish, get fluent in the language and its culture (you might even pick up some regional lingo!). With constant exposure to a diverse set of people, you are constantly challenging your comfort zone, creating new pathways, and understanding a whole new culture. This of course makes you an attractive candidate for employers since they know you’re adaptable to other people and cultures and that you’ll be a perfect fit for a thriving work environment full of different people. There is so much to learn as a foreign student from culture, architecture, music, traditions, academia, and the mesmerizing food. With more than 194,743 international students studying in Spain as of 2019, you have the opportunity to grow and learn unlike any other. 

If after reading the 5 reasons above you are convinced you to want to study in Spain, let us help you decide your options! 

First, decide your budget. If you like a more populated, student city, Madrid or Barcelona may be for you. While it may be on the costlier side, you can find several student accommodations which can be cheaper. Next, decide the course you wish to do. Do you wish to do a Law and International Relations dual degree at IE University or do you wish to study Engineering at the world-renowned Polytechnic University of Catalonia? Once you shortlist a few options based on course, finances, and location, you should evaluate all your options and choose the one that’s the right fit for you and the one you meet the requirements for. All require graduation from secondary school institutions and some may require Spanish or English proficiency tests for proof- all depends on the universities in your list! Once you have decided, go ahead and enroll! Be excited for years ahead of you in Spain, as they will be the best you’ve had yet.

Spain is a wonderful choice for international students looking for a world-class education, affordable education, a vibrant and diverse experience and want to leave university equipped to take on the world and its challenges.

Maintaining a Work/Life Balance- Key to a Happy Life

Being a student can be hard. We know that and we acknowledge your struggles in maintaining your grades, being a part of extracurriculars, socializing with friends, exercising, taking care of your mental health, and so much more. It can be very taxing on your body and mind. But don’t worry, we are here to help you. This blog post focuses on habits you can start to implement in your life to achieve work-life balance. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

1- Goal Setting 

Organizing our lives sounds so much easier to say than to do. It can be made fun and easy to do. Let’s first start by talking about goal setting. Take out a piece of paper (or the Notes app on your phone if you want to be environmentally friendly) and start writing the top priorities and goals of yours in your work and general life. Feel free to write goals about the quality of your life like ‘controlling anger’ or ‘increasing the time you take to meditate every morning’, etc. Once you do that, divide each of your goals into ‘work’ or ‘life’ (make sure you have equal work and life goals jotted down). Don’t let these goals overwhelm you but look at them as opportunities for self-growth. Goal setting motivates you. Motivation is essential to excel in life. 

2- Organize your Life 

Now that you have set your goals, let’s talk about organizing your life. Our favorite tip is to follow the 8-8-8 rule. 8 hours of work/study, 8 hours of leisure, 8 hours of sleep/rest. Out of these 3 divisions of your 24 hour day, the 8 hours of leisure is what’s most subjective and hours can be added to it or subtracted from it. (P.S: After school clubs, lunch breaks, time spent going to work/school, etc are all counted within your 8 hours of leisure). Let’s say you work a 9-5 job or go to school from 7-3, those are your 8 hours of work/study. No matter how much you love your work, for the sake of your own mental and physical health, refrain from doing any work outside of these hours. It will just leave you drained and burnt out before you even know it. Compartmentalizing times for work/study, leisure, and rest are essential to maintain a work-life balance. Under no circumstances forgo the 8 hours of sleep/rest. Your body and mind need it. Did you know when you sleep, your body is repairing cells, restoring energy, and releasing molecules like hormones and proteins? 

3- To-do lists 

Now that you follow an 8-8-8 rule in your life, what’s next? How to spend those 8 hours within work/school, leisure and sleep! The best way to do that is by mapping out the activities to do using a To-do list. To-do lists help visualize your day and allow you to mentally allocate time to tasks. You could set time limits next to the item noted down in your to-do list but do not restrict yourself to it- some tasks may surprise you by how long or short they are. Protip: Always start your to-do list by the first task being “Create a to-do list”. As soon as you are done writing your to-do list, you can tick off this first task and it already starts your day as productive and you feel energized to start ticking off more tasks in your to-do list. This curbs the possibility of massive procrastination. 

4- Don’t be hard on yourself

It’s great to set goals, organize your life, and set to-do lists, but remember, you are human. Humans are bound to face setbacks in life, bad days and are serial procrastinators. That is okay. Don’t let an uncompleted to-do list at the end of the day consume your sleep, don’t let extra leisure time make you feel guilty at work. Above all else mentioned in this blog post, the MOST important is this tip: be easy on yourself and learn to forgive yourself for faltering. Your mental and physical health is of utmost importance and by being hard on yourself, you’re doing no good to help your cause. Also, learn to say no. It’s hard to learn it. If you’re implicitly or explicitly pressured into taking an extra shift or asked to stay back for a school project, say NO! Do what is right for you. 

5- Take control of your technology 

The greatest deterrent to your progress in life? Technology. You might be countering us by saying ‘but technology helps you stay connected to people in life, it has helped humankind progress, it’s essential’. Yes, it is quite essential. However, it should be used in moderation. 

Hours of our lives are taken away from us by us staring at our devices and scrolling through social media or playing on our Xbox. While they may be important to survive in the social norms of today, do not let them consume you. Don’t let it control you, you control it. 

These 5 tips are designed to help you achieve a work-life balance. At Cromwell, our students and their well-being are our priority and our courses, classes, and extra-curricular are designed to allow you to achieve this balance and live a successful life.