Foundation Program: Finishing Grade 11 & 13 / Year 12 & 13 in less than a year

If you’re a passionate, ambitious student looking for a course to accelerate your academic journey and if you want to propel yourself into the next level of your education, a foundation program is perfect for you. A foundation program is a program that will adequately prepare you for an undergraduate degree at university. It progresses your academic attainment and skills, consequently preparing you to pursue rigorous and useful degrees at university. A foundation program clubs together your final two years of high school and accomplishes that in ten months. If you choose the accelerated program at Cromwell, you can even complete it in five months. 

At Cromwell, we offer the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business. It is part of a larger suite of Business qualifications offered by Pearson. Pearson is an international awarding body that is the largest in the UK and is regulated and recognized by Ofqual (England), Accreditation (Scotland), CCEA Accreditation (Northern Ireland), and Qualifications Wales (Wales) and internationally. 

Why BTEC Foundation Program? 

74% of employers want new hires with practical knowledge and skills combined, 90% of BTEC students are employed full-time after graduating and 23% of students who went to university in 2018 had a BTEC. These numbers cannot be argued with. BTEC is an effective path for a future career, so choose BTEC- because it works. 

What does Cromwell’s BTEC Level 3 Foundation Business Diploma Program consist of? 

In Semester 1, you will dive into the world of Business and the Business Environment, Management Accounting, and Innovation and Commercialization. In Semester 2, you will delve into Human Resource Management, Management Accounting, Innovation, and Commercialization. Taught by the world-class faculty at Cromwell UK, you will learn through applied learning, gaining vocational skills, knowledge, and understanding of the Business world- making you an attractive candidate for employment and prestigious universities. The qualification provides career development opportunities for those in work, for those who want to progress to higher education, or for those seeking professional development programs at credible and recognized institutions like Cromwell UK. 

If you’re wondering, “What is the Foundation program’s equivalency and what can I do after the Foundation program?” The foundation program at Cromwell UK is equivalent to 12th Grade or A Level Qualifications. After the successful completion of the foundation diploma, a student can enroll for Higher National Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree program. By studying BTEC, students learn to develop their knowledge and skills required by a sector, including essential employability skills, and apply them in real work contexts. 

In a nutshell, the foundation program prepares you with the needed skills and knowledge of the 21st century, is highly regarded by employers and universities worldwide, and is your pathway to future success.